“Food is an open ended problem, we’ll never perfect it.” Amir Allam, Founder of Elmenus on his obsession with problem solving & how he will meet his biggest challenge yet - building Elmenus to scale

25 November 2021

On this week’s episode, Hashem caught up with Amir Allam, a fellow Egyptian and graduate of the infamous DEO, the German school in Cairo. Amir Allam is the Founder of Elmenus, an F&B marketplace boasting digital menus & delivery for over 6000 restaurants across Egypt. Founded just days shy of the Egyptian revolution back in 2011, Elmenus is now—10 years on—Egypt’s biggest food discovery and ordering platform and looking to expand beyond its shores. Hashem and Amir compared the experience of being a solo founder vs co-founder and got to the bottom of why Amir credits his engineering mindset for his entrepreneurial ethos. They also review the latest in Egypt’s lightning-pace food trends (including the beach as a delivery location), the challenges of talent acquisition, and reveal one of Amir’s favorite aspects of being immersed in foodtech.


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