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Tiffany Eslick
Devina Divecha

Dough domination, with Pitfire’s Michele & Bill Johnson

This week, co-host Tiffany Eslick sits down with Dubai’s OG pizza pioneers, Michele and Bill Johnson, who run the award-winning pizzeria, Pitfire. They tell us how their signature dough continues to evolve, the process behind their delicious flavour combinations and what it’s like being partners in life and...

Malak Fouad

Mounaz and Aya Abdel Raouf

Mounaz and Aya Abdel Raouf are better known as the sisters behind the global luxury brand, Okhtein. The sisters have always had a love for fashion and accessories, and day-dreamed about working in the industry from when they were children. In 2014, they turned their fantasy into a reality, launching...

Hashem Montasser

“A dish is like a door into an entire people.” Nouri restaurant’s Ivan Brehm on his passion for “crossroads” cooking and the best advice he ever received

On the back of his recent trip to Singapore, Hashem catches up with Ivan Brehm, chef-owner of Michelin-starred restaurant, Nouri. They discuss the essential role storytelling plays in Ivan’s “crossroads” menu and how he curated his space at Nouri so that sharing takes center stage enabling his guests to...

Nabil Ismail
Alvaro Abella

Debt refinancing, with Mohamed Khalifa on The GC Call

We’re joined today by Mohamed Khalifa, Group CFO of Middle East Glass, to talk about debt refinancing. Khalifa led MEG’s debt refinancing with the IFC and CIB as a way of securing the company’s balance sheet, in addition to steering the company through multiple devaluations of the...

Tiffany Eslick
Devina Divecha

‘To strive, to seek, to find’, with Stasha Toncev

This week, co-host Tiffany Eslick sits down at urban Balkan bistro, 21 Grams, with its founder, Stasha Toncev. Stasha shares how she went from growing up in Serbia cooking lavish meals for her friends to uncovering her purpose and becoming the centre of discovery of Balkan food in Dubai. Since...

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