Amaeya Media is one of the Middle East and North Africa's largest podcast networks, empowering conversations that help humanize our world.

What We Do

We produce podcasts in both English and Arabic, including original and branded shows. Our Network provides a platform for rich storytelling and discussions on a variety of topics such as arts & culture, business & entrepreneurship, motherhood, self-help, personal journeys, and more.

To date, we have helped launch 25+ shows and produced 700 episodes, with 15,000+ minutes of inspiring and thought-provoking audio content. Our podcasts have been listened to in over 150 countries and our audience is growing daily.

We power you from concept to distribution

Our chart-topping podcasts include Tales of the Trade and What I Did Next. We also boast the region's largest branded audio portfolio, which includes shows like Nourish by Spinneys, The GC Call, The Lighthouse Conversations, and Linazher ma3 Mouza, among others.

What I Did Next was featured as one of Apple Podcasts’ best shows of 2021 and 2022.


We also publish State of the Industry Reports for podcasts in the MENA region. You can find our previous reports here.

Why Amaeya?

The name Amaeya traces it roots to Sanskrit, where Ameya means ‘limitless’, or ‘one who is beyond measure’. In some translations it also represents ‘pure’ and ‘integrity’. We extended this with the diphthon or gliding vowel from Latin, æ.

Our name signifies the work we're setting out to do in growing the content ecosystem, exploring new topics, staying true to the content, and the story, while paying our homage to the ancient languages of the world and their evolution.

Why Podcasts?

Oral storytelling was the first form of transmission humans had, even before we had the written word. From the Vedas of India, Homer's poems of Greece, to chants, and songs, knowledge was passed down from generation to generation through voice, across cultures and times. In fact, it is so embedded in our DNA that even today we send voice notes to communicate, and are excited when we can talk to our AI assistants, compared to just typing to ‘them’.

Podcasts extend the power of audio by providing a decentralised medium for creation and distribution. Unlike the social media platforms of the 21th century, anyone can start a podcast, on any platform, in any format they like and everyone can listen in a platform of their choosing.

We believe podcasts can be the basis on which the worldwide creator economy can be built. The medium has been 20 years in the making, seeing numerous highs and mainstream attention over the last few years. This puts podcasts in a sweetspot combining the lessons of a mature and growing industry, while adapting to the newer world of Web3 which is built on the same pillars of decentralisation and more importantly, creative ownership.