Shows we're working on

One Action

One Action is a show highlighting expert voices and inspiring stories of impact from the sustainability ecosystem in the MENA region.  Host Rona Halabi chats with entrepreneurs, scientists and creatives who are addressing a specific problem with an action. Our goal is to raise awareness about the innovators and catalysts...

The Current by EWEC

About The Current is a podcast brought to you by the Emirates Water and Electricity Company (EWEC). In this quarterly series, we speak to a range of energy experts within EWEC to discuss the company’s role in the energy transition, offering insight into the water and power sector in...

Tell Me More!

Time travel through Dubai with an 8 year old, to uncover what the city looked like in the beginning.

What I Did Next

Apple Podcasts ‘Shows that made us think’ 2022 & ‘Best shows of 2021’

The Journey

A podcast by Volkswagen committed to unraveling the truth behind the road to greatness....

The Lighthouse Conversations

A podcast featuring entrepreneurs & tastemakers from the worlds of arts & culture, tech and, of course, food.

The GC Call

Welcome to The GC call, a window into the investment process. On the show you’ll hear from regional investors, entrepreneurs & management, as well as advisors who participate in the overall process. We’ll start off with talking about making the deal happen, the outlook for private and public...

لنزهر مع موزة

موزة الهاملي مؤسسة أكاديمية أزهِر للتدريب على مهارات حب الذات والحياة، تقابل في هذا البودكاست عدد من الشخصيات التي ألهمتها خلال رحلتها المستمرة في محبة ذاتها و التعرف عليها....

Forward Talks

Forward Talks features sustainability leaders and climate champions driving impact from our region to the world. Forward Talks is hosted by Tatiana Antonelli-Abella and brought to you by Goumbook, the UAE’s first social enterprise, in partnership with Mastercard. A special thanks to the Dubai Government Media Office for their...

Savvy Talk

SavvyTalk is hosted by Maha Abouelenein, who brings you communication strategies and trends for businesses, drawing from her vast experience as a professional storyteller and PR expert for the world’s largest companies. Maha has more than 28 years of experience, advising top government and corporate leaders. She is the...

Tales of the Trade

A show about our local entrepeneurs and the stories behind the communities they’re bringing to life.

Archived shows

Folio by Alserkal Avenue

FOLIO is a podcast by Alserkal Avenue about arts and culture in the MENASA region. We speak to gallerists, artists, collectors, and curators to document the incredible growth and development of the region's contemporary art scene....


Chronicles from communities we’ve grown up with.

The Heba Shunbo Podcast

Life can be hectic, chaotic and it’s hard for many of us to keep up at times.. I find the best way to handle all the burdens of daily life is to connect with others, and to find the humor in it all, right? Doesn’t that just make...

The Two Vegans

A show about two vegans, and a quest to make the world a better place....

The Way We Live

The Way We Live is a woman-centric podcast that brings conversations and stories to women in the MENA region. The weekly show will feature real issues, experiences and actionable tips from different walks of life including topics like careers, decluttering, relationships, and more....

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