Our goal is to build shows with three key characteristics—they have purpose, they are consistent, and they help cultivate a community around your mission or brand. We then power your show from concept to distribution.

Here are some of the ways we can work together:

📽️ Start a show with us

We have a proven history of working with both individual creators and brands to help them communicate and cultivate a new audience through podcasts. 

When we say we power you from concept to distribution, this means that help you develop your concept into a show, provide the necessary production support and help you distribute and market it to best reach your audience. 

You can start by writing to us at team at amaeya dot media.

📢 Reach our engaged audience

Our shows provide advertising slots on their episodes allowing for your brand or organization to reach their audience of engaged listeners. We work closely with you to find the best fit in terms of the show and its audience as well as your messaging.

Here are some sample ads that could work for your brand. We also run a newsletter and membership program for additional sponsorship opportunities.

You can start by writing to us at partner at amaeya dot media with the shows you're interested in, budget and timeframe.

👤 Pitch us a guest

We welcome pitches for guests as recommendations from you, or someone you might represent, from time to time. Individual decisions are made by our editorial teams, so please send us a bio and the show you are pitching for, and our team will reach out if there's a fit we'd like to explore with you.

Here are some things to keep in mind.

💛 We love what you do and want to support you

Thank you! There are a few ways to support us. You can join our membership community that is a growing group of people who listen to our shows and want to support us and our creators directly.

We're also able to accept satoshis streamed directly in compatible apps such as Breeze, Podfriend and others. Simply load up their wallet, and set your stream tier, and you can stream us satoshis as you listen to our shows. We really appreciate it!