Amaeya Media

Broadcast Pro ME: The Pod squad

Micah Aguilar spoke to Chirag Desai about the rise of podcast companies like Amaeya Media in the MENA region: “Many brands today look at podcasting as a way to communicate with audiences and that brings more people to the medium. We also see a lot of creation here. As more...

Amaeya Media

Dubai PodFest discusses the future of podcasting

From the panel about the Changing World of Podcasts at Dubai PodFest 2022, organized by the Dubai Press Club: Desai said that there is a new advanced version of podcasting featuring exciting innovations that is emerging globally, which he called Podcasting 2.0. Such innovations include technologies that give users...

Amaeya Media

Inside: Quotes from Ignite the Sound, Saudi Arabia

Shreya Sharma quotes from various members of the podcast industry who attended the inaugural Ignite the Sound Conference in Riyadh for Inside Podcasting: Chirag Desai of Amaeya Media, outlines two opportunities in the region: “The first is the brand opportunity: We'll see more brands look to podcasts as a way...

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