Malak Fouad

Malak Fouad

Cairo, Egypt Website Twitter

Founder, A&T Media Host, What I Did Next

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Malak Fouad

Ali Shihabi

Ali Shihabi is the founder of Rasmala Investment Bank, and author of two books, Arabian War Games & The Saudi Kingdom.

Malak Fouad

Hala Gorani

Welcome to Season 5! We're kicking off with a powerhouse broadcaster and journalist, Hala Gorani. Over a career spanning 25 years, Hala has covered natural disasters, wars, elections and interviewed key global leaders. Last year, Hala took a sabbatical from CNN and is currently working on her first book—a...

Malak Fouad

Neveen El Tahri

Neveen is the chairperson of Delta Shield, and the first woman to sit on the board of both the Egyptian Stock Exchange and the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority.

Malak Fouad

Tarek Nour

Tarek Nour is credited with revolutionizing the advertising world in Egypt and is the founder of Tarek Nour Communications.

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