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Chirag Desai

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Founder, Amaeya Media

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Hashem Montasser
Chirag Desai

2023: (It Goes Like) Naaaaaah

In our 2023 review episode, our producer Chirag Desai catches up with Hashem to discuss the milestones from this past year such as coping with fear of failure, the allure of leaving a legacy behind and the loneliness of being an entrepreneur. Plus, Hashem talks about his soft spot for...

Tiffany Eslick
Devina Divecha
Chirag Desai

Our favourites of the year

Hosts Tiffany Eslick and Devina Divecha reminisce about their favourite moments from the first season of Nourish by Spinneys. They also answer the question we’ve asked (almost) all our guests, discuss recurring themes, and of course, there are bloopers. Nourish by Spinneys: Our favourites of the year 0:00...

Malak Fouad
Chirag Desai

Wrapping up Season 5 with Malak Fouad

Thank you for joining me on an incredible season 5 of What I Did Next, and for your feedback and comments. This week, I’m joined by our producer Chirag Desai to talk about my own life’s pivots and a few highlights from our season. What I Did Next:...

Hashem Montasser
Chirag Desai

2022: Don’t Sweat the Technique

All good things come to an end and so too did 2022. As is our podcast tradition, we recorded our year in review on Hashem’s birthday with the usual balloons and confetti (yeah right). And with birthdays come reflections on the past and predictions of the future. This includes...

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