Fast Company ME spoke to Chirag Desai on podcast developments in the region:

Desai adds that there is scope for more education to showcase the platform’s sheer potential. “Studies have shown that podcasts do better than TV and radio when creating a relationship of trust between host and listener,” he says. “That can be so advantageous to the brand.”

They also spoke to Hashem Montasser, host of The Lighthouse Conversations:

For Montasser, The Lighthouse Conversations podcast has grown organically to have its own following, not only outside of the physical space it stemmed from but outside of Dubai, becoming an entry point for audiences to learn about the restaurant and concept store instead of being merely an extension of the space. “The key point is consistency,” he says.

And to Malak Fouad, host of What I Did Next:

Sharing her observations as host of What I Did Next, named one of Apple Podcasts’ Best Shows of 2021 and 2022, Fouad reports a 1.5x audience growth year-on-year, most of which is driven by Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the UAE. “We also have a growing audience now in Oman and Kuwait.”

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