“Investors look for traction and founder’s pedigree.” Ramy Adeeb shares his journey from computer science to building his own venture capital firm, 1984 Ventures

11 November 2021

As fellow Egyptians and graduates of Harvard College in the 90s, Hashem and Ramy Adeeb initially shared a similar path that led them from Cairo to Cambridge, Massachusetts. We caught up with Ramy this week via Zoom in Silicon Valley to follow his journey from young computer programmer writing software at age 12 to his pivot from startup to venture capital and back again. During the height of the Egyptian revolution of 2011, Ramy Adeeb founded his first startup, Snip.it, whose aim was to simplify news and article sharing and was later acquired by Yahoo! Now the founder and general partner of venture capital firm 1984 Ventures, Ramy shares his views on the challenges of building an investment firm and reveals the two main ingredients investors look for in startup founders.



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