“Success in design means finding a good recipe and dreaming big.” Design wunderkinder David & Nicolas on 10 years as a successful brand and what makes their partnership click

28 October 2021

Hashem is joined this week— via Zoom call from Milan— by David & Nicolas, the Milan/Beirut-based design duo whose retro-futurist work is featured in the acclaimed Nilufar Gallery and Carpenters Workshop Gallery. Hashem and David/Nicolas discuss their fixation on time as a “marker” and how it affects their designs; the hybridity of their identities; the aesthetic influences of growing up in a Franco-Lebanese home; and how the duo met in McDonald’s Beirut of all places! We’re also introduced to parallels that Hashem finds between David/Nicolas— personal friends and creative partners— and his own dynamic with The Lighthouse co-founder, Hany Bassiouny.


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