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Devina Divecha
Tiffany Eslick

Sweet notes, with Chef Carmen Rueda Hernandez

This week, co-host Devina Divecha is on location with Chef Carmen Rueda Hernandez, executive chef at Brix, a dessert restaurant by 3Fils. This turned into an exciting tasting session as Chef Carmen shares her journey around the world before reaching Dubai, her love for all-things chocolate, and introduces us to...

Devina Divecha
Tiffany Eslick

Nothing dirty about ice cream, with Ambeth Ocampo

This week, co-host Devina Divecha sits down with food historian Ambeth Ocampo, who has been exploring Filipino art, culture, and food going back to the 19th century. This is one for the history & culture lovers, as Ambeth shares nuggets from his extensive research, including about a national hero of the...

Rona Halabi

Rescuing ‘ugly’ fruits and vegetables, with Daniel Solomon

We’re joined this week by Daniel Solomon, the founder of HeroGo, a company fighting food waste by rescuing the so-called ‘ugly’ fruits and vegetables. According to the Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, an estimated 1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted each year worldwide. Daniel shares...

Devina Divecha
Tiffany Eslick

The Alchemist, with Nahla Tabaa

This week, co-host Devina Divecha sits down with Nahla Tabaa, an artist, a researcher in the food space and an alchemist. Nahla explains what alchemy really means in the context of food, the intersection of food, art, and history, along with some of her recent commissions. Nourish by Spinneys: Nahla...

Hashem Montasser

“When you do something right, everyone comes to you.” Ayman Baky on grit, perseverance in the F&B industry, and reshaping Egypt’s restaurant culture

Hashem catches up with Ayman Baky, fellow Cairene and Founder of Baky Hospitality. Baky Hospitality is the group behind the award winning restaurants Sachi and Kazoku, as well as Reif Kushiyaki (Cairo) which have reshaped the dining scene in Egypt. Successful, gritty and what many would call ‘Type A personality,...

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