Welcome to Season 7 of Savvy Talk, I am excited to bring you leading voices from those shaping Dubai's cultural scene. Today we are joined by Nadine Kanso. She is an amazing designer and artist that has reimagined calligraphy by incorporating Arabic into her rings and necklaces. Nadine illuminates eye-catching letters and meaningful phrases, adorning them with diamonds and fascinating gemstones. We talk about her story, the power and importance of Arab culture. And how Nadine is using her art and Arab language to preserve this beautiful heritage.

Savvy Talk: Nadine Kanso
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She recently made us all proud by being the first Arab designer to collaborate with French Luxury Maison, Guerlain.

About Nadine Kanso

Cultural Entrepreneur, Artist Photographer, Creative director of Bil Arabi, a modern brand that reflects introspective messages and deep meaning into unparalleled eye-catching jewelry for all outspoken generations. Nadine was born in Beirut , Lebanon. She grew up in the Arab world embodying the calligraphical exquisiteness surrounding her, she gained a deep infatuation for typography laying the foundation for her groundbreaking designs.

Nadine launched her radical jewelry brand Bil Arabi in 2006, establishing herself as Dubai’s electrifying pioneer in jewelry making with disruptive designs instigating a never seen before trend.

You can find Nadine Kanso on Instagram, and find out more about Bil Arabi on their website, on Instagram And on Facebook.

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