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Hashem Montasser

“When I see everybody walking in a certain direction, I like to choose the other path” Hamad Al Awar on juggling founding burger brand ‘High Joint’, being a police officer, a visual animator and a father

Hashem catches up with Hamad Al Awar, the founder of the home-grown burger brand, High Joint, a police officer and a creative artist. Having met at a shawarma place in a very interesting coincidence, Hashem decided to bring their conversation to The Lighthouse Podcast room and explore the man with...

Malak Fouad

Janan Shihadeh

Janan Shihadeh has made her mark creating bespoke pieces for clients all around the world—from murals in Washington D.C., to furniture and candles in Cairo, to transforming old handbags into little arm-candy jewels in Dubai. Janan Shihadeh 0:00 / 0:00 1× To say that Janan is versatile...

Hashem Montasser

"Dubai is like a millefeuille. There are layers and layers." Mohamed Maktabi on the rich history of his family’s business and his passion for storytelling through the intricate artistry of carpets

Hashem catches up with Mohamed Maktabi, the CEO of Iwan Maktabi, the go-to address for rare carpets and textile art in the MENA region. They go back in time as Mohamed reveals the captivating tale of his family's heritage: from his grandfather's migration from Iran to...

Tiffany Eslick
Devina Divecha

Much ado about matcha, with Viktoryia Toma

Our hosts Tiffany Eslick and Devina Divecha get a Japanese tea masterclass from Viktoryia Toma. Viktoryia is the founder of Ikigai-cha, where they focus on single estates and single cultivators, so they work and source from small farmers directly to bring their teas to the region. They learn about Japanese...

Tiffany Eslick
Devina Divecha

Snap, Crackle, Pop! with Chef Troy Payne

The season to be outside and cook with fire is finally here. This week, co-hosts Tiffany Eslick and Devina Divecha drive out to the desert behind Town Square for a barbecue session with Chef Troy Payne. Chef Troy cooks a tomahawk steak, makes fish and chips barbecue-style, sears some broccoli...

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