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Devina Divecha
Tiffany Eslick

Sweet notes, with Chef Carmen Rueda Hernandez

This week, co-host Devina Divecha is on location with Chef Carmen Rueda Hernandez, executive chef at Brix, a dessert restaurant by 3Fils. This turned into an exciting tasting session as Chef Carmen shares her journey around the world before reaching Dubai, her love for all-things chocolate, and introduces us to...

Hashem Montasser

“Artists are the last truth sayers.” Sunny Rahbar on having a front seat to Dubai’s art scene propelling itself onto the global stage and the unlikely rise of The Third Line in its midst

Hashem catches up with Sunny Rahbar, co-founder of legendary Dubai-based art gallery The Third Line, which is celebrating its 18th year. Our episode quickly morphed into a gem of oral history as Sunny shared her story of growing in and around Dubai’s rapidly changing cultural landscape and contributing to...

Devina Divecha
Tiffany Eslick

The Alchemist, with Nahla Tabaa

This week, co-host Devina Divecha sits down with Nahla Tabaa, an artist, a researcher in the food space and an alchemist. Nahla explains what alchemy really means in the context of food, the intersection of food, art, and history, along with some of her recent commissions. Nourish by Spinneys: Nahla...

Tiffany Eslick
Devina Divecha

Feeding the soul, with Zahra Abdalla

This week, co-host Tiffany Eslick sits down with Zahra Abdalla, wife, mom, recipe developer and author. She also recently started her own line of food products. Zahra is a Spinneys brand ambassador and has been a columnist for our magazine, Nourish. Nourish by Spinneys: Zahra Abdalla 0:00 / 0:00...

Devina Divecha
Tiffany Eslick

Slow & steady, with Chef Faisal Naser

We’re kicking off the year with Chef Faisal Naser. His restaurant, Lento, opened in Abu Dhabi in 2020 and then in Dubai in 2022, which is where co-host Devina Divecha spoke to him about how he got started in the world of food and his musical influences. Nourish by...

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