Welcome to Season 7 of Savvy Talk, I am excited to bring you leading voices from those shaping Dubai's cultural scene. Today we are joined by Christiana Maxion, The Dubai Matchmaker. And as she likes to say, "I am a native New Yorker rewriting the blueprint of the Dubai dating universe". From climbing the career ladder in education to establishing her own successful matchmaking agency, Christiana's journey is nothing short of remarkable. Tune in as we discuss her empowering approach to dating, the challenges she faced along the way, and her vision for transforming the dating landscape in the region. And also her plans for launching an app to help friendship building for adults.

Savvy Talk: Christiana Maxion
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About Christiana Maxion

Christiana climbed the career ladder in education, becoming a school leader and published author by the age of twenty-nine. Her journey led her to Dubai in 2019, a city teeming with over two hundred nationalities and inspiring individuals who make things happen.

In 2020, Christiana started a comedic Instagram account, sharing her experiences as a Western expat navigating the Dubai dating scene during and post-lockdown. Her account gained immense popularity as she fearlessly promoted empowered dating with high standards and zero expectations. Revealing the brutal truths about dating in Dubai resonated with her followers, although it led to an unexpected turn in her career when her employer discovered the account. Undeterred, Christiana used this setback as an opportunity for reflection and established her own matchmaking agency.

With a vision to revolutionize the dating landscape in the region, Christiana's agency gained rapid success, earning widespread media attention within just six months. Notably, she caught the eye of Patti Stanger and her team, who invited Christiana to represent Millionaire's Club and Cinqe Matchmaking in the GCC. Together, they have achieved remarkable results, boasting a 96% success rate and holding the largest global matchmaking database with thousands of happy couples matched. As the first public matchmaker and the premier elite service for the affluent, Christiana's agency is the number one choice in town. Stay tuned as we delve into her remarkable journey and insights in this captivating podcast episode.

You can find Christiana Maxion on Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook and on her website.


0:00 Intro

1:20  Christiana's journey - The Dubai Matchmaker

2:10 Empowering standpoint - Date with High Standards and Zero Expectations

3:02 The most interesting people leave in UAE

3:24 Stating her Matchmaker Agency

4:31  Patti Stanger call and Millionaire's Club partnership

6:45  96% success rate

7:59  How I work as a Matchmaker

8:34 Challenges you face in Dubai

9:17  Author of a book - Toby and The Falcon

10:12 Misconception on the business of  Matchmaker

23:55 outro

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