Building a successful technology platform and a business model that is sutainabile is hard enough; doing that without a technology background in a part of the world not exactly conducive to the gig economy requires a steely determination. So pull up a chair & join our conversation with Loulou Khazen, founder of Nabbesh.

Additionally, in these trying times, we ask that you support your local businesses. On behalf of Courtyard Playhouse, one of the companies we featured in season 1 desparately needs to raise funds to keep the lights on until the precautionary measures are lifted. You'll find more details on the episode and here’s a link to donate. We hope you'll consider even a small amount to help them out.


Hosted & Produced by Chirag Desai.
With support from Pooja Sagar, Abhishek Venkatasubramanian, Sukayna Kazmi & Zainab Ujjaini. Original Music by Reiner Erlings.

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