‘”Life is beautiful” has become a personal philosophy for me.’ Fatafeat founder Youssef El Deeb on his creative journey across media platforms, & the Arabic saying that became his life’s calling

21 October 2020

This week’s episode was quite a unique experience for us at the recording studio that we hope all you listeners will enjoy! Our guest, Youssef El Deeb, is the founder of Fatafeat, the first Arab TV company that was acquired by a global media conglomerate, Discovery. In a time when Middle East television was airing cooking shows as “fillers” for grandmothers at home, Youssef El Deeb had the foresight to drum up the likes of Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson to the prime time. And fostered a now growing scene of Arab TV chef talents. He is also an author, painter, photographer and award winning filmmaker. And yet, despite his many achievements, and like most successful people of such high calibre, El Deeb has vulnerabilities and a punishing inner voice. Find out what makes him tick, and which Arabic saying became his life’s motto.


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