Youssef El Deeb3

Youssef is a film-maker, photographer, writer, ad-man, broadcaster, and the founder of Fatafeat, the first Arab TV company that was acquired by a global media conglomerate, Discovery.

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Malak Fouad

Youssef El Deeb

Youssef is a film-maker, photographer, writer, ad-man, broadcaster, foodie and even a sailor. A son of Alexandria, Youssef’s life has seen him move from Egypt to Canada, to Kuwait, and finally to Dubai, where he currently resides.

Hashem Montasser

“I had a feeling of hybridity that I wanted to both capture and express” Hashem Montasser on his journey from Wall Street to building The Lighthouse from the ground up

This week we reunited with one of our favorite podcast guests from 2020, Fatafeat founder and overall renaissance man, Youssef El Deeb. Having met last summer just as The Lighthouse reopened post-lockdown, Hashem and Youssef formed a bond over chocolate cake, books and a shared nostalgia for Egypt’s ancien...

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