The Lighthouse Conversations: Huda Baroudi & Maria Hibri, Bokja
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Founded in 2000, Bokja had its first big break in New York City’s ABC Carpet & Home with an acquisition of four pieces by Hollywood star Kate Hudson. What followed was a cascade of recognition and accolades by the likes of the FT’s How To Spend It and stars like Madonna, Julia Roberts and designer Christian Louboutin. The Bokja duo offers us an insider look into the intricacies of their designs, but also the passion and sacrifices made that sit beneath the glamor of this popular Lebanese brand. We also delve into the psychology of what makes a design duo tick; what sets them apart; what keeps them ahead of trends and how they stay relevant. We also hear about the abandoned palace that became Bokja’s HQ for 15 years—rabbit family and squatters notwithstanding!

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