All good things come to an end and so too did 2022.

As is our podcast tradition, we recorded our year in review on Hashem’s birthday with the usual balloons and confetti (yeah right). And with birthdays come reflections on the past and predictions of the future. This includes our podcast which is now in its fourth year.

The Lighthouse Conversations: 2022 Review
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Hashem, a self appointed “well-traveled gourmand” and our producer Chirag chat about how the show maintains a sense of timelessness (i.e. not chasing current events or monthly trends) while still being part of the zeitgeist. Hashem also offers us a sneak peek into his preparation technique, researching interview questions “just enough” while allowing the conversation to flow spontaneously, deciding which sneakers to wear (hint: his son is a growing influence here) while maintaining his monochrome look.

A big merci goes out to all our listeners who have been assiduously following The Lighthouse Conversations podcast, we look forward to releasing many more in 2023.

Links to the episodes we mention:

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