On today's episode, I'm joined by my dear friend Fayrouz Eid. A talented entrepreneur, nutritionist, and mother of two adorable kids. Her passion for entrepreneurship made her build The Wellb, a company focused on helping people find long-lasting sustainable nutrition so they can get healthier and reach their goals. We first met while I was involved in a project of introducing Netflix to the Middle East.

As a good chat between friends, in this episode we go all over the place, from talking about Adele's latest album to talking about the enormous impact being genuine in your social media can have in other people's lives. By discussing subjects like single motherhood joys and struggles, divorce, and therapy Fayrouz Eid helped normalize such important conversations in Egypt.

And of course, we talked about FOOD! “Food is energy. We should be healing our relationship with food”.

Please tell me what you want to hear more about and we will deliver! I love a good podcast and hopefully you do too! The podcast is called SavvyTalk if you're new here and it's available on all podcast players.


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