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Malak Fouad

Amina Naguib

I’m joined this week by Amina Naguib, fitness entrepreneur and founder of B-URN. Amina always wanted to explore the human body and health—she studied sports science in Washington and then physiotherapy in Amsterdam before returning to Egypt. With B-URN, she has created a community of people looking to...

Devina Divecha
Tiffany Eslick

Navigating nutritional hygiene, with Glucare’s Ali Hashemi

Co-host Devina Divecha visits Glucare, an integrated diabetes clinic in Dubai to experience a full-body check-up, and speaks to its co-founder Ali Hashemi. They talk about the nutritional challenges with our lifestyles today, and how they’re expanding the success of Glucare into other aspects of healthcare. Nourish by Spinneys:...

Maha Abouelenein

Entrepreneur, Nutritionist and Mother: Fayrouz Eid

On today's episode, I'm joined by my dear friend Fayrouz Eid. A talented entrepreneur, nutritionist, and mother of two adorable kids. Her passion for entrepreneurship made her build The Wellb, a company focused on helping people find long-lasting sustainable nutrition so they can get healthier and...

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