I’m joined this week by Ramy Adeeb, founder and Managing Partner of 1984 Ventures, a firm that specialises in providing seed funding to start-ups. 

What I Did Next: Ramy Adeeb
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Ramy’s is a quintessential What I Did Next story, he moved to Canada for high school, went on to have early jobs at Microsoft and then as an investor in Silicon Valley, before launching his own start-up, Snip.It, which was acquired by Yahoo in 2013. He tells me how important risk taking has been for his career, and how his life’s journey led him to the launch of his current company, 1984 ventures.

We’ll also have a bonus episode next week for members where Ramy shares more thoughts on his entrepreneurial experiences, the volatility in the VC world, and his thoughts on crypto and the metaverse. You can sign-up to become a member to get this members episode, or subscribe on Apple Podcasts.

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