Silicon Valley2

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Malak Fouad

Ramy Adeeb

I’m joined this week by Ramy Adeeb, founder and Managing Partner of 1984 Ventures, a firm that specialises in providing seed funding to start-ups.  What I Did Next: Ramy Adeeb 0:00 / 0:00 1× Ramy’s is a quintessential What I Did Next story, he moved to Canada...

Hashem Montasser

“You should prepare for the right type of luck to find you.” Silicon Valley Bank’s Ashraf Hebela on the value of a long-term mindset in startup investing

We caught up with Ashraf Hebela in a multi-faceted episode discussing cultural hybridity, market declines, serial founders and more. Ashraf heads Startup Banking, plus Analytics & Sales Ops at one of the largest banks of the United States, Silicon Valley Bank. He shares his views on the importance of building...

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