Hashem meets up with Shereen Al-Mulla, soon-to-be Master Herbalist, and cofounder of Hikma Rituals, a homegrown brand of botanicals including oils, tinctures and dusts. Hashem and Shereen discuss the beginnings of her journey into herbalism by way of a rose infusion ritual, the desire to reclaim her Iraqi heritage, and the serendipitous meeting with Mahdiah El-Jed, her business partner and co-founder.

The Lighthouse Conversations: Shereen Al-Mulla
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Shereen also talks about the challenges that Hikma Rituals faces going head-to-head with big Pharma and the wellness industry’s good, bad and ugly. We also catch a glimpse of Shereen’s efforts towards community building and the rewards she reaps by mending client ailments…and a bonding session with Hashem over cold water immersions!

Here are the books Shereen mentioned on the episode:

We've also got a bonus episode with Shereen talking about social media and the science behind ice-baths.
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