When we put together our first State of the Industry report in 2019, we wanted it to be an annual exercise that would help contextualize the regional podcast industry along with international happenings. As a year, 2020 was one of the most monumental 12 months we’ve had to endure—and even as we witnessed some heartening trends for the medium, the industry was not immune from the effects of the pandemic.

At Amaeya Media, we tried to use the time as an opportunity to revisit the drawing board. We kicked the summer off with a rebranding exercise that helped us redefine our look, and reinforce our mission towards the regional ecosystem. We were also delighted to hit an internal milestone of 10,000 minutes of audio published by the Network.

We hope this report helps provide a few insights about the industry we’re in, how listener behaviour changed over the last year, and how creators and publishers adapted. It’s been heartening to see that podcast consumption trended upwards as the year came to a close, and regional listener preferences held steady despite the challenges to listenership.

I wanted to thank our listeners, partners and the community of podcasters who continue to push the envelope in the work they publish every day.

This report wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work of some amazing individuals who contributed to the writing and editing of this report, and everyone who took the time out to take the survey this year.

See you again in 2022!

Chirag Desai
CEO, Amaeya Media

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