Joining me today is Mark Azzam, Founder and Owner of Back to Games and Gameinox, Partner and Director at Boardgame Space Games Distribution. From a young age, Mark found himself traveling to imaginary realms inspired by elements of science fiction and fantasy. This also included gaming with his mother, where they played everything from snakes and ladders to chess.

Savvy Talk: Mark Azzam
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After traveling the globe for more than 18 years as a pilot, Mark launched Back to Games in 2015. Serving thousands of gamers and non-gamers alike, while pioneering the tabletop shopping experience. Then in 2017, he went on to partner with Boardgame Space to make board and card games more accessible to the region, by translating the most renowned games to Arabic, and supplying its products to both hobby stores and mass market chains across the Middle East.

And finally, earlier this year, he founded Gameinox to help spread gaming beyond people’s homes, through team building and employee empowerment activations, to schools, to universities, and to create the first tabletop gaming convention in the Middle East.

We talk about his pivot to entrepreneurship, why he believes so strongly in the power of board games, and what are his favorite board games of all time!

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