I’m joined today by Gregg Pearce, Head of du’s Small Offices, Home Offices and Small Enterprises segment — known as SoHo and SE. He is accountable for the end-to-end performance of the SOHO & SE segment, improving market penetration, and evolving the customer experience and value propositions for their clients.

Savvy Talk: Gregg Pearce
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Sponsored by du Business, your partner to enable business and personal growth.

Gregg is an customer-focused and target-driven transformational leader, with a proven ability to build a high performance culture. He is skilled in defining and implementing complex business strategies and achieving high sales growth and operational excellence.

We talk about the importance of building team culture, and the lessons he has learnt from being a professional footballer in the UK.

This is part of our special series in partnership with du Business called Inspiring Growth, to celebrate entrepreneurship and highlight business success. We feature eight successful entrepreneurs and innovators who shared their personal stories to help others learn valuable lessons. Throughout the show, we will focus on growth, exploring the path of how they turned their dreams into reality.

We hope this proves to be both inspirational and valuable for those who are facing their own personal and business challenges, as always du Business is your partner to enable business and personal growth.

You can connect with Gregg on LinkedIn, and find out more at the du Business website.

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