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Hashem Montasser

“We don't have pills for eating disorders.” Eating Disorder expert Carine El Khazen on signs for the early detection of mental health issues, and how to cope with the collective trauma of the pandemic.

This week Hashem caught up with Dr. Carine El Khazen, clinical psychologist at the American Center in Dubai, and Vice President of MEEDA (Middle East Eating Disorders Association). Eating disorders are the deadliest form of mental illness, and 95% of sufferers are women between the ages of 15 to 25....

Safe Space: Dani Hakim

The discussion around the support of mental health in the Middle East is an ongoing one, and one we feel deserves continued attention, much like our previous seasons. The key element of course in discussing mental health is having a secure environment where people are comfortable talking about it. Today’...

Picture Happiness Project: Zainab Al Sawalhi

We sat down with Zainab Al Sawalhi to discuss an idea that made us think, ‘Now, why didn’t I start this?’ The Picture Happiness Project works to spread a message of compassion and inspire kindness. This Dubai-based movement is a simple, but generous way to anonymously make someone’s...

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