Heba Shunbo

Heba Shunbo

Cairo, Egypt Website

Founder, The Four Fat Ladies Bakery Host, Mommy’s Happy Hour

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Heba Shunbo

2022... Will this be your year?

I’m back with Season 3, kickstarting the new year with an episode on my vision for 2022. I loved taking this time to think about how to shift gears, reflect on 2021, try to digest the rocky start of 2022, and how to turn it around to make it...

Heba Shunbo

Parent to Parent, This Sucks!

Today, I sat with Georgina Fuller, writer for The Telegraph, The Guardian, and Grazia UK, for a candid discussion on the challenges of raising kids nowadays. From social media, helicopter parenting, COVID-19 and dealing with comparison to other mothers, we hash out everything about the difficulty of just raising our...

Heba Shunbo

Shh... We're Talking About Sex

When was the last time you and your partner honestly talked about sex? Have you ever even talked about it? I'm joined by sex therapist ... who answers all the questions some of us are too afraid to ask. How often should I be having sex? Is it ok...

Heba Shunbo

Four to Five Million

From mama to influencer, Sonia was a typical mother and wife living in Vancouver with her 4 children. During quarantine, like billions of us, Sonia turned to TikTok to watch silly videos and connect with others virtually during a worldwide pandemic. One day Sonia realized she could make some of...

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