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Amaeya Media

How can advertisers navigate recent changes in the podcast landscape?

Our CEO Chirag Desai shares his thoughts on the pitfalls with advertising vis-à-vis the recent subscription offerings in this opinion piece [] for Communicate: > This is one of the dilemmas I&...

Chirag Desai

Tracking you less

TL;DR We’ve shifted the analytics of our web properties away from Google Analytics to Plausible, an analytics platform that is compliant with policies such as GDPR, and no longer require cookies.

Pooja Sagar

Amaeya Media Launches New Podcast What I Did Next

What I Did Next is the 17th show in the Network's portfolio, and its second show created in Egypt. Hosted by Malak Fouad, the What I Did Next podcast explores life's pivot points, both personal and professional.

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