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Maha Abouelenein

Entrepreneur, Nutritionist and Mother: Fayrouz Eid

On today's episode, I'm joined by my dear friend Fayrouz Eid. A talented entrepreneur, nutritionist, and mother of two adorable kids. Her passion for entrepreneurship made her build The Wellb, a company focused on helping people find long-lasting sustainable nutrition so they can get healthier and...

Malak Fouad

Prince Abbas Hilmi

Prince Abbas Hilmi is a descendent of two Middle Eastern royal houses. Through his father, Prince Mohamed Abdel Moneim, he is a descendent of Mohamed Ali of Egypt, while his mother, Neslishah Sultan, was the granddaughter of Mehmed VI, the last Ottoman Sultan.

Hashem Montasser

“Food is an open ended problem, we’ll never perfect it.” Amir Allam, Founder of Elmenus on his obsession with problem solving & how he will meet his biggest challenge yet - building Elmenus to scale

On this week’s episode, Hashem caught up with Amir Allam, a fellow Egyptian and graduate of the infamous DEO, the German school in Cairo. Amir Allam is the Founder of Elmenus, an F&B marketplace boasting digital menus & delivery for over 6000 restaurants across Egypt. Founded just...

Malak Fouad

Max Rodenbeck

Max Rodenbeck is currently the South East Asia Bureau Chief for The Economist, based out of New Delhi, but began his career in Cairo.

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