State of the Industry 20199

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< Previous: The Challenge of Standardisation []Podcasts are monetized in a few ways globally. Larger media companies with internal podcast teams tend to drive listenership from within their existing channels, and monetize through existing brand partnerships. Podcast-first companies use monetization models that are split between advertising...

The Case for Brands in Podcasts

< Previous: Monetisation []With podcast advertising revenue expected to cross US$2.4 billion globally, it comes as no surprise that brands have found their space in the medium over the last few years, and 2019  was no different. According to ‘Audio: Activated’ [


< Previous: The Case for Brands in Podcasts []From the trends we’ve witnessed this year, Steve Jobs was right when he announced in 2005 [] that podcasting was the future of audio. At the time, the Apple Podcasts...

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