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Malak Fouad

Fares Akkad

I'm joined on the show this week by Fares Akkad. Fares is currently Regional Director for Meta and has a long track record with the company formerly known as Facebook. Over the course of his career, Fares has had stints at KPMG, Booz Allen and media giant MBC,...

Euan Megson & Action Communications

As we come up to the end of our season, we wanted to highlight a slightly different initiative and see what happens when the energy of an entire team behind a project. This week, we speak with Euan Megson, Regional Manager of Action Communications and their work with the Al...

Joseph Swords

Over the last few years, plastic—especially single-use plastic—has been a focus in our region. Join us this week as we chat with Joe Swords, a recent expat & diver, who spends his time helping free Dubai’s waters from plastic left behind. Credits Hosted by Courtney Brandt, produced...


Our youngest guest of the season! This week, we chat with Una, who tells us all about how she’s helping spread awareness about autism, not just in Dubai but around the world....

Reif Othman

Welcome to the first season of CSR of One, a podcast & social initiative. On today’s episode, we chat with Reif Othman, an award-winning chef who has been working diligantly on a project far away from his current abode in Dubai, in Zanzibar. Listen to how Reif got started...

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