I'm excited to announce the launch of Tell Me More, a new podcast for kids and adults. The show will time travel through Dubai with an 8 year old, to uncover what the city looked like in the beginning, told by people who made and experienced some of it.

The show is co-hosted by 8-year-old Spatika, who has lived in Dubai his entire life. He is joined by Liz McEnaney, who moved to Dubai last year. Liz has taught for over a decade at Columbia University's Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation and also served as Executive Director of Sir John Soane's Museum Foundation.

Like many of you, I remember when Sheikh Zayed Road was a 2-lanes wide, when BurJuman was our go-to shopping mall, and when then-tallest building, the Dubai World Trade Centre, marked the start of the dynamic city of Dubai.

Timed with the 50th jubilee of the United Arab Emirates, the show will capture the stories of those who built, lived in and worked in Dubai in its early years, share undiscovered stories of the places we pass every day, and teach kids about the city and country they call home.

As a newcomer to Dubai, this podcast is a way for me to explore the city's incredible history—much of which is still visible, hiding in the shadows of the new—and to meet the people who built it. Uncovering its past with an 8-year-old, who calls this home, allows us to bring in fresh perspectives for different generations, who have lived in and loved this city.
—Liz McEnaney

The premiere episode of Tell Me More is now available on leading podcast players including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Deezer.

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