Startup Scene interviewed Malak Fouad & Chirag Desai about What I Did Next and the podcast industry:

What in your opinion makes a great podcast interview?

MF: It's a two-ingredient recipe: It's one part a great interviewee who knows how to express themselves, is authentic and listens to the question, and one part an empathetic and sensitive host who really listens, knows when to jump in and when to shut up. In my opinion great interviewers include Barbara Walters, Christiane Amanpour, Jon Stewart and Ali G.

CD: I would go back again to that purpose, which drives what you want your audience to get out of the episode. I find what happens outside the interview is almost as important as the interview itself—the show’s direction, the guests you curate, your own preparation, and the edit process, all contribute to making an interview the best it can be.

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