Shreya Sharma quotes from various members of the podcast industry who attended the inaugural Ignite the Sound Conference in Riyadh for Inside Podcasting:

Chirag Desai of Amaeya Media, outlines two opportunities in the region:

The first is the brand opportunity: We'll see more brands look to podcasts as a way to create and engage with their audience and as an advertising channel. This will also help empower more creators as the opportunity gets bigger. I believe the region has the potential to reach 25-30% of the podcast world's market share over the next few years. This influx will also help open up the larger ecosystem, allowing for agencies and platforms to grow along-with creators.

The second is the diversification of content: as more creators enter the space, we'll see the expansion and exploration of new categories, new types of shows, and new creative collaborations that we are yet to unlock.

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