Our CEO Chirag Desai sat down with Communicate ME's Arjun Radhakrishna on the findings of the State of Industry 2020 Report, as well as his thoughts on standardisation, monetisation and industry initiatives such as The Podcast Index.

So when companies start to silo the content exclusively for their platforms and centralise consumption, creators begin to worry, if this is going to end up becoming another Youtube. We’re having a lot of conversations in general about new media and censorship and pondering on what kind of impact trends will have.

It’s important for us as an industry to look at the lessons and mistakes that happened on platforms like Youtube, Instagram, etc and make sure that this medium does not go down a similar path.
What We Learned From The Latest State of Podcast Industry Report
Communicate speaks with Chirag Desai, CEO of Amaeya Media to learn more about the insights from their latest State of the Podcast Industry report and what all happened in the world of podcast in 2020.
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