Communicate ME: The most important development for the GCC industry in 2021

CEO Chirag Desai shares his thoughts on Communicate’s question to the industry on the most important development in 2021.

Amaeya Media
Mar 23, 2021
1 min read

Communicate asked a few industry peers about the most important development for the GCC media industry in 2021. Here's CEO Chirag Desai's answer:

2020 has taught individuals and companies that one-dimensional approaches are not enough in a world order where digital dominates and individuals have tremendous choice in terms of channels.

The most important development for the GCC Media in 2021 therefore, will be diversification--the omni--building on top of your existing foundation channels but growing horizontally, not just vertically.

If your main content is on YouTube, explore podcasts; if it is on podcasts and audio, explore Clubhouse or Twitter Spaces as an added way to engage with your audience and create more value. The ones that explore alternatives will succed, as users' attention and adoption of new platforms continue faster than ever before.”
Communiquestion: Embracing Change in 2021
We asked the industry: What is the most important development that you foresee for the GCC media industry in 2021?


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