Arab News: New report explores state of podcasting in MENA in 2020

Arab News interviewed CEO Chirag Desai on the Amaeya Media State of Industry 2020 Report.

Amaeya Media
Mar 1, 2021
1 min read

Our CEO Chirag Desai was interviewed by Arab News on the major trends emerging in our State of the Industry 2020 Report and the opportunity for brands to leverage the medium.

“There is an opportunity for podcasts because they are cost-effective in terms of advertising,” said Desai. Moreover, they have greater brand value as they sit on a platform for as long as the creator wants and many people tend to go back and listen to old podcasts. “There’s a genuine return value, and there are a lot of studies that show that brands get a lot of positive brand awareness,” he added.
New report explores state of podcasting in MENA in 2020
DUBAI: Amaeya Media, a UAE-based podcast network, has released its 2020 report “Podcasts in MENA: State of the Industry.” This is the second annual report published by the company exploring the state of podcasting in the region, and covers consumer habits, brand spending, standardization and the imp…


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