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Hashem Montasser

“If somebody calls hummus a dip again, I'm going to scream!” Fadi Kattan on why food is so central to his celebrating his Palestinian heritage and on the magical powers of oral history.

Hashem catches up with Chef, hotelier, and author Fadi Kattan in Bethlehem. Chef Fadi talks about his newly published cookbook, Bethlehem, which is essentially a celebration of Palestinian Food. It is a beautiful homage to Palestine’s food culture conveyed via Fadi’s memories. Snippets of oral history are prominently...

Malak Fouad

Janan Shihadeh

Janan Shihadeh has made her mark creating bespoke pieces for clients all around the world—from murals in Washington D.C., to furniture and candles in Cairo, to transforming old handbags into little arm-candy jewels in Dubai. Janan Shihadeh 0:00 / 0:00 1× To say that Janan is versatile...

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