Time sure is flying. Think about it, Expo 2020 came to a close yesterday evening.

🥇The Lighthouse Conversations’ 50th episode has everything you need to know about the inaugural 50Best list

Samantha Wood, Hashem Montasser and Claudia de Brito on The Lighthouse Conversations. Image: Farah Al-Sharief

Last week, The Lighthouse Conversations celebrated its 50th episode—an exciting moment in the show’s history. On a special two-parter, host Hashem Montasser caught up with Claudia de Brito, the Gulf Academy Chair for the inaugural MENA 50Best list, and award-winning food critic Samantha Wood, aka FooDiva. They discuss the process behing the list coming together and their views on region-specific trends and how to reach—and remain at—the top.

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