As the sun shines brightly out here in Dubai, we’re bringing you a fun episode with Chef Aphisith Phongsavanh aka Chef AJ, who runs The Legendary Naga, a culinary exploration that intersects Lao cuisine with that of Persia, the Indian subcontinent and the Levant.

Chef AJ was born in Canada to parents who escaped as refugees from Laos; he’s since worked at Chef David Chang’s Momofuku and the Waldorf Astoria in New York, and is now based in Dubai. He’s also an illustrator and a poet, which he occasionally also performs. Grab the episode in your podcast app or on the web

Nourish by Spinneys: Chef Aphisith Phongsavanh
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Sneak peek: Tales of the Trade

Tales of the Trade is back with a new episode May 7. Pull up a chair and join the conversation with Ramsey Tesdell, co-founder & CEO of podcasting powerhouse, Sowt. You can listen to the trailer now, and follow the show in your podcast app to get the episode on Tuesday.

Trailer: Ramsey Tesdell on Tales of the Trade
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And here’s another episode we think you’ll enjoy:

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Until next time, stay hydrated everyone!

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