The yo-yos that started a library

8 December 2019

KaramāSūtra meets the 90-year-old Lady Margaret Bullard who, 50 years ago, unknowingly started a movement that led to the creation of Dubai's first community library for English-language books. Join us as we trace the story of a shipment of yo-yos in 1969 that is now a collection of 25,000 books and a loyal band of bibliophile volunteers & members. Today, The Old Library maintains a grand presence in the city's history, held together by members of a community who give their time, love & funds to keep it going.

In November 2019, Lady Margaret returned to see the library's newest home at the Gold & Diamond Park in Dubai, which came about after yet another scare that the much-loved space for books might have to shut down.

Special thanks to Lady Margaret Bullard & Sailakshmi P. Sivaram.
Hosted by Vinita Bharadwaj & featuring Yara Badri.
Produced by Vinita Bharadwaj & Chirag Desai. Our intern is Abhishek Venkatasubramanian.


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