The Outliers

8 November 2019

KarāmaSūtra’s second episode is set in Dubai, a city that has transformed spectacularly in recent decades. The older or more lived-in parts of the city have still managed to retain core characteristcs with an enduring appeal through the years. With special guest Mohamed Somji, we try to deconstruct the Dubai that is much loved and lived in, and meet three outliers--people who are a clear minority in their neighbourhoods of choice.

Special thanks to Lola Boatwright, Elizabeth Renton, Fabiana Miguel & Mauricio Madruga for sharing their stories.
Hosted by Vinita Bharadwaj. Produced by Vinita Bharadwaj & Chirag Desai. Our intern is Abhishek Venkatasubramanian.
Music: "People in your neighbourhood" by Sesame Street


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