The Lives of Our Fathers

19 June 2020

On the season finale of KarāmaSūtra, we touch upon a specific kind of Indian experience in the Gulf. Featuring a special guest--Abu Dhabi-based writer Deepak Unnikrishnan--we remember our fathers, without whom it's highly improbable we would have ended up in the cities we're in.

Ahead of Father's Day, this marks the end of a 9-episode season and we will return with new stories on October 8, 2020.

Special thanks to Deepak Unnikrishnan for sharing his story and joining us in the studio earlier this year.
Hosted & Produced by Vinita Bharadwaj & Chirag Desai.
With support from Abhishek Venkatasubramanian, Sukayna Kazmi and Zainab Ujjaini.


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