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Shelina Jokhiya
Chirag Desai

#166: The costume declutter

Kids and adults love dressing up - whether it is for Halloween, a retro party or an afternoon of fun with friends, it’s always fun to dress up. I used to dress up like Wonder Woman and a Nurse when I was growing up. There was a limit to...

Shelina Jokhiya
Chirag Desai

#153: The Jeans in Your Life

Have you got various piles of Jeans in your wardrobe that fall into these three piles? If yes, then this episode is for you today! In this new episode we talk about these three piles and also how to declutter these piles so that you use that valuable real estate...

Peahead: Christine Wilson

Meet Christine Wilson, a Dubai resident who has spent her self-isolation period building a business with the help of YouTube and a sewing machine to create unique limited edition & handmade accessories using recycled & sustainable materials. So, what exactly does she make? Well, if you’re a current or...

Thrift for Good: Jennifer Sault

Welcome to Season 3! We began recording this season in the weeks leading up to the global pandemic and our ask was the same as previous seasons—what can we do with our personal platforms to make a difference, and what are we using social media for, outside of liking...

Beauty without Cruelty, with Leena Al Abbas

As we all continue to deal with the impacts of the restrictions in place to control the spread of the Novel Coronavirus, we’d like to encourage you to support your local businesses at this time in any way possible—whether it is ordering from them, donating to them, sharing...

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