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Malak Fouad

Ramy Youssef

I'm joined on the show by comedian, writer and actor, Ramy Youssef. Ramy started out as a stand-up comedian, and is the star of the eponymous hit show, Ramy, which has won Golden Globes and Peabodies, as well as Emmy nominations. He's also the co-creator of...

Malak Fouad

Hend Sabri

Hend is the queen of our cinematic hearts, and a leading light of both the silver and the small screens.

The Comedy Hustle, with Arzoo Malhotra

Public speaking is tough enough, but then to have the added pressure of trying to make people laugh is no easy feat. And when you cross that ability with the background of a data-scientist who researches agriculture & climate change, you get a guest who packs a punch! Join our...

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