Vegan Lifestyle12

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Shelina Jokhiya
Chirag Desai

#170: Adopting a vegan lifestyle

If you didn't know, Chirag (my co-host extradionnaire) is vegan and has been for a few years now. I remember when he told me he was changing his lifestyle to be vegan and all the changes that had to occur to get into this lifestyle. As more and...

Veganuary & Vegan Psychology

The Two Vegans catch up over Veganuary, thoughts after attending a vegan psychology seminar, and reminisce about their own vegan journeys. Also available on video: Vimeo • YouTube...

Beauty without Cruelty, with Leena Al Abbas

As we all continue to deal with the impacts of the restrictions in place to control the spread of the Novel Coronavirus, we’d like to encourage you to support your local businesses at this time in any way possible—whether it is ordering from them, donating to them, sharing...

SNIFF, with Heetal Bhatia

Stray animals in the UAE need a lot of help. This week, we talk to Heetal Bhatia who has been rescuing animals for over 15 years, and her work with SNIFF, a local group dedicated to helping find foster and forever homes for rescues. Heetal is also co-host of the...

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