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Malak Fouad


My final guest of this season is the one-and-only Youssra, who tells me about her life’s journey from key decisions that led to her breakout success to her ground-breaking acting career that took on societal taboos. With over 80 movies, countless serials and theatre performances, her career has spanned...

Malak Fouad

Mohamed Hefzy

Mohammed Hefzy is the award-winning film producer behind mega hits such as Clash, Sheikh Jackson, Microphone, Paranormal, and Perfect Strangers, to name but a few of the films that make up his incredible catalogue of work. Hefzy began his career as a screen writer but made the transition to producing...

Malak Fouad

Ramy Youssef

I'm joined on the show by comedian, writer and actor, Ramy Youssef. Ramy started out as a stand-up comedian, and is the star of the eponymous hit show, Ramy, which has won Golden Globes and Peabodies, as well as Emmy nominations. He's also the co-creator of...

Malak Fouad

Hend Sabri

Hend is the queen of our cinematic hearts, and a leading light of both the silver and the small screens.

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